Burning Dead – Fear & Devastation

Country: France
Title: Fear & Devastation
Label: M & O Music
Year: 2022
Style: Heavy Thrash Metal

4 years after its foundation, French Burning Dead produces its official debut album, a 10 tracks effort clocking almost 50 minutes in length, so pretty daring to have such long tracks keeping in mind two of them are less than 2 minutes long; not very common for a Thrash Metal band to present 8+ minutes tracks… Anyway, the highlight of the band is the female vocalist, again not a very common thing to have lady taking care of the vocal compartment in Thrash, but he does it excellently! Her vocals are harsh, rough, angry and commanding, except for the few times here and there where she tries more normal, more melodic type of vocals but fails in delivering a convincing job, but kudos for the intention of being more versatile, she should keep doing that, she has a nice, feminine “normal” voice, she just needs more practice delivering it as convincing as she does her shouts and screams. The instrumental part is quite weird because of the one hand the guitar work is at times way too simple and generic for this day and age, but on the other hand there are plenty of rhythm changes to keep things interesting, each track has its own identity, and also at times there are even some attempts at building up progressive passages, unexpected I’d say. Heavy, Thrash, Groove and even hints at Death Metal, Burning Dead have released an album that’s both heavy and accessible at the same time.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10


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