Chaos Engine Research – Faces

Country: Poland
Title: Faces
Label: Metal Scrap Records
Year: 2022
Style: Groove Death Metal

Wow, I would never think I will like this new CER album this much! I knew the band’s previous album, “The Legend Written By An Anonymous Spirit Of Silence” from 2014, but although not bad in its own path, it didn’t clicked with me much, it was closer to an Alternative Groove Metal than to Death Metal, but in these 8 years it seems the band has changed for the better despite I’m sure many thought of it as being defunct. The new material is way heavier in both production and composition, we’re dealing with a Groove Death Metal having bands like Soulfly, Machine Head, Slipknot or Ektomorf as primary influences, but now getting closer to the Groove Death Metal path (maybe a Progressive Groove Death Metal?) with heavy as fuck guitar riffs, intense, groovy and elaborated drumming, progressive, intricate passages and some melodic guitar touches here and there, a rabid vocal that a mile distance from what they used to have on the previous album, all in all a much heavier album, much more surprising and full of unexpected turns and twists, so much more on my taste. If the music sounds great, coupled with the expressive lyrics I tell you they give an amazing result and effect especially knowing that the album is a concept, and I have to quote the band here: “each track describes one of the characters – the titled “faces” are the ghosts of the past and memories, which are connected by the fact that they exerted a great influence on Chaos Engine Research members”. Although it’s a more brutal album, I still find it accessible enough to target a wider audience that it seems at first. Released as Digipak CD with 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics, mandatory for the full enjoyment of the music inside. Impressive, very impressive!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10


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